2nd P2Pool Mining Node goes Live!

2nd Darkcoin Pool is Live

Our 2nd Darkcoin P2Pool is now live in the Seattle, Wa. area

We're pleased to announce that our 2nd P2Pool Mining Node has gone live!

Based in the Seattle, Washington area – this node currently supports Darkcoin mining for our users in the North Western part of the US.

We have plans in the near future to build out this node to support other cryptocoins for mining. However, due to the popularity of darkcoin and the ongoing development of this anonymous X11 coin, we decided to roll out this new node with initial support as just a darkcoin pool.

Experienced miners know that to get the best performance out of the distributed p2pool network for your miner you need to locate a pool with the closest proximity to your miners location. The lower network latency enables your miners efficiency and reduces dead, rejected mining shares. For these reasons we wanted to offer a closer proximity darkcoin pool for our users up North.

If you are interested in mining on this new node you will need to have the proper X11 CPU or GPU software installed on your miner, a darkcoin wallet, and the following configuration settings set in your mining software;

URL           – stratum+tcp://drk02.p2poolmining.us:7903
Username – {your wallet address}
Password  – {anything you want to use}

Once you have your miner configured and mining on this node you can visit the stratum address in your web browser to see various stats and mining charts about the performance of this mining node and your miner.

Besides the normal set of P2Pool stats we have also developed a unique set of stats for each individual miner. These statistics include the ability to see the daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly speed performance of your miners. In addition, you can see the same periodic trends for your miners payouts!

If you are currently mining darkcoin on a dedicated pool we encourage you to take a look at switching your miners to the P2Pool network. This distributed network along with the darkcoin X11 protocol truly epitomizes the meaning of an “Anonymous CryptoCurrency”.

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