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[Sticky] P2PoolMining Community moving to Discord  


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August 21, 2018 4:37 pm  

We've made the decision to move the P2PoolMining.US Community Pages to Discord.

Our decision, was based in part, on the amount of users who are already registered with Discord. And in the features and functionality that Discord provides for communities such as ours.

We invite you to join our Discord Server and get active in the community.

Here's our community Discord Server Invite Link - https://discord.gg/DShrxEu

Please share the link and let's build the community!

For now - we will leave the community pages on our website up and available. There is a lot of valuable information which the community has shared available here and we don't want to take the pages down at this time. However, at some point in the future we will make the decision to remove this content. No new registrations will be allowed.


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