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I initially did a setup of 3 Antminer D3's following DIRECTIONS AT THIS LINK.

I used a payout address for my P2Pool command line that I created in my Dash Core wallet. I did NOT initially use wallet receipt addresses for each of my miner's worker names, but instead called them DASH01, DASH02, DASH03. As I continued to research, I sought to find ways to optimize my mining and my miners on my P2Pool. I learned to set the difficulty using address+diffnumber. That led me to realize that the REASON I was NOT getting more stats on my P2Pool web pages, was because I was not using wallet reception addresses for my worker names. 

Herein lies my question. Should none of my worker addresses use the same address as my payout address? I am confused about this particular point. Thanks for clearing up any conceptual errors too.


When using P2Pool for mining your UserName/Worker Name should be set to the wallet address that you wish to receive payouts to.

Be advised, you cannot specify an invalid address or payments that your miner earns will not be paid out!


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