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Difficulty setting for Antminer D3  



I'm mining on the Miami node with Antminer D3 (19.3GH). I've followed instruction on the FAQ regarding setting miner difficulty, but am still getting around 10% rejection rate.  Any suggestions?  


Got to our P2Pool Node listing and check your PING time and GWTL (Get Work Template Latency) time from your miners location.

High rejects are caused because your miners responses to share requests are being received too late to be included in the sharechain. Try to locate a P2Pool node that provides you with the best PING and GWTL times.

ive set my d3 difficulty to +2.56. is this correct?


what is the worker name that should be set ? i am new

Use your DASH wallet address as the worker name. This will be the address that receives payments from P2Pool...


I've used: "stratum+tcp://dash05.p2poolmining.us:7903" as the URL for all 3 pools but only the first pool seems to be doing anything. 

Should I be using a different URL for the other 2 pools?

It depends... The default setting for the pools in your D3 are for "Fail Over". Therefore, unless you set it differently your miner will only use the first pool in the pool list to mine.

If Pool 1 ever goes down then your miner will switch to Pool 2. Likewise, if Pool 2 goes down along with Pool 1 then your miner will switch to Pool 3.

Never set the pool URL's all to the same pool when using "Fail Over" mode.




I have recently joined this wonderful community and it is great to be a part of it. I am new into mining (just about 5 days old) and still trying desperately to learn everything. My concern here is that how is it possible to change 'Fail Over' settings in D3 miner? i didn't see such option in the settings?





is it useful to set difficult manually for antminer D3 (19 Gh/s version)? i found some information about "Share Difficulty" and "Pseudo Share Difficulty"  here but i don´t understand the meaning.

is it correct if i set this username --> MyWalletAddress/2.56+22

2.56 = Share Difficulty

22 = Pseudo Share Difficulty


with this settings i can see a difficult setting of 2.56 if i take a look into the GUI of the antminer.

but if i mine on antpool i can see a difficult setting of 128.000

if i mine on coinmine.pl i can see a var difficult between 80.000 and 190.000


so what is the right setting for p2pool without the difficult is being too low ?

The current version of P2Pool for DASH, adjusts the difficulty for your miner based on your miners hash rate. Your miner will need to find a share (show a predicted payout) before the hash rate for your miner is calculated.

Once your miner is showing a predicted payout the difficulty is automatically adjusted. Therefore, it is no longer necessary to set a SHARE or PSEUDO SHARE difficulty for your miner.


oh ok.... thank you very much


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