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How to set up mining batch under windows with minerd-corei7-avx  



Hi all,


i use minerd-corei7-avx.exe under windows with dash01.p2poolmining.us and wallet adress from jaxx.

but i don't see my "miner" on page  http://dash01.p2poolmining.us:7903/static/# when is set my miner in parameter options




thanks for your help


You can use the following directions to assist you;

Set up mining programs

CPU Miner:
1. Extract your CPU Miner to a folder of your choice
2. Read the "ReadMe" file and identify which version you will use based on your processor.
3. Pick a node to mine from, from this list: http://www.p2poolmining.us/mining-pools/  (choose one with low latency)
4. Set up your execute file... open notepad and use the following:​
programidentifiedfromreadme.exe -a X11 stratum+tcp://nodeofchoiceURL -u yourreceivingaddresshere -p x --quiet
minerd-corei7-avx.exe -a X11 -o stratum+tcp://dash01.p2poolmining.us:7903 -u XfyWeaucC3pFdcbxEGCn1yUyhRezXeKFEv -p x --quiet
5. Save the file as "filenameofyourchoice.bat" it's important that you save it as a .bat file and not a .txt file. In the "Save as" window change "Save as type" to "All Files". Then simply type "filenameofyourchoice.bat" for the "file name" and save it in the same folder as your CPU miner.​ Also, be certain to put your DASH wallet address into the option for the -u parameter in the command.
6. Double click the "filenameofyourchoice.bat" file.... it should begin mining​

Ok it seems to be working but..... my miner adresse don't appear in screen. I have set adr in parameters

Definitely looks like there might be an issue with the minerd-coreI7 cpu miner and working with the latest version of P2Pool. We'll need to load it up in our lab and see what the results are.

We'll report back when we have more details.




no new for the minerd-coreI7 cpu miner trouble ?





same issue here, need more info?

let me know how can i contribute to this.



As per the DASH website;


CPU or GPU mining for DASH is no longer cost effective. We suggest that you try mining a different coin with your CPU.


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