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payout broken, block links show no data, payouts skipped  



something must be off, every other new block found does not show on block explorer,

payouts get skipped, the p2p share chain and the dash block chain may be seriously out-of-sync ?

hope to invite some timely admin feedback / expert comments here


There are some discussions going on in the developer chat on GITHUB concerning this topic. We are following it closely. However, at this time it does not appear to be an issue and is an expected outcome of DASH 12.2.2 due to nodes not upgrading!

Follow the conversation on this thread;



so in essence it is p2pool globally mines unusually high number of blocks that got orphaned,

stats are hideous -> past two days 6 out of 10 blocks mined were orphaned !!

reason being  p2pool stratums are connected to some nodes that have not updated to 12.2.2 ?

hence that affects every miner regardless of which local p2pool connected to..

so one should stay out of the p2pool for the time being, since other pools are getting the cake and get to eat it too .. 


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