Darkcoin Core Version 11.00.13

Darkcoin Core Version 11.00.13

All p2poolmining pools have been updated to this latest release of Darkcoin.

The Darkcoin development team has been hard at work again…

This time the results are a completely revised version of Darkcoin running on the latest Bitcoin version 0.9.3 core client. This release improves on speed and reliability of the Darkcoin network.

The latest Darkcoin Core version 11.00.13 has been applied to all of the P2Poolmining.Us p2pools so miners on our pools can be assured they are mining with the most up-to-date pools available for Darkcoin. This version addressed some performance enhancements along with a few identified bugs. From our testing and analysis this latest version is functioning as expected and much faster than earlier releases of the Darkcoin Core 11.00.00 upgrades. Beginning with Darkcoin Core 11.00.00, Darkcoin began incorporating the bitcoin latest version (0.9.3) in it's core… This version improves upon those upgrades!

If you're still running an earlier release of the Darkcoin wallet then you'll want to be sure to upgrade your wallet software asap to take advantages of this latest release. Just click the image above to read more about the release and download the latest version of the Darkcoin wallet.

Attention Miners:  Are you looking for a pool to point your Darkcoin miners to? Well, your search is over! We have pool locations strategically placed throughout the U.S. to provide you with a pool location which is geographically close to you for optimum miner performance.

Visit our mining pool page and select the miner closest to your location and start mining with P2Poolmining.Us today!

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