DASH Core 14.0.1 Upgrade

Minor Release – DASH Core 14.0.x Series

All P2PoolMining.Us DASH nodes have been upgraded to DASH v14.0.1


DASH V14.00.01

As noted from the DashPay Github Release Page, DASH V14.00.01 is a minor release of the DASH Core 0.14.0.x series.

Notable Changes in this Release

Fixed governance votes pruning for invalid masternodes – A community member reported a possible attack that involves DoSing masternodes to force the network to prune all governance votes from this masternodes. This could be used to manipulate vote outcomes.

This vulnerability is currently not possible to execute as LLMQ DKGs and PoSe have not activated yet on mainnet. This version includes a fix that requires to have at least 51% masternodes to upgrade to, after which superblock trigger voting will automatically fix the discrepancies between old and new nodes. This also means that we will postpone activation of LLMQ DKGs and thus PoSe until at least 51% of masternodes have upgraded to

Fixed a rare memory/db leak in LLMQ based InstantSend – Fixed a rare memory/db leak in LLMQ based InstantSend leak which would only occur when reorganizations would happen.

All P2PoolMining.Us Nodes Updated

As always, we actively monitor the DASH Forums for announcements of this type so that we can provide you the best service with our DASH P2pool nodes.

All of the P2Pool nodes operated by P2PoolMining.Us have been upgraded and are currently running the latest DASH daemon.

If you experience any issues with this latest release please let us know.

We appreciate your continued support!

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