South America Node to Shutdown

On Wednesday, February 14th, 2018 our South America P2Pool Node located in South America (São Paulo) Brazil will be shutdown.

New South America DASH Node

P2PoolMining.US announces their new New South America DASH Node

Regrettably, this p2pool node has not been utilized to it's full potential and the cost for us to continue to support this P2Pool node has steadily increased. The P2Pool Node has been in operation since July 2016 and has never received more than 4 concurrent miners mining on this pool at any one time.

In an effort to reduce costs, in this period of diminishing mining profits, we have decided that we can no longer run this pool at a loss.

Thanks to those that have supported this pool in the past.


  1. Dash is dead. It takes miners to secure the network. LoL.

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