NODE Updates – P2Pool Optimizations

Lately, we are seeing more and more miners upgrading their mining hardware to take advantage of the larger ASIC machines and mining hash rates. We think this is a great move and one we want to ensure our P2PoolMining Nodes support for the long-haul. However, with all the extra power coming into the mining arena for DASH, we are seeing a couple of issues arising. The … [Read more...]

Climbing Network Difficulty

The DASH Network Difficulty continues to rise... And the small miners utilizing CPU and GPU machines are feeling the impact! Is it time to get out? Here is how we see it... DASH Network Difficulty Over the past few months, since the introduction of ASIC miners to the X11 algorithm, the DASH Network Difficulty has been on an exponential rise. This rise has resulted in a … [Read more...]

Minimal Difficulty

Are you mining Dash with an ASIC miner? Or maybe you just purchased 100Mhs of mining power via NiceHash? If so, then you want to read this article on how to adjust the Minimal Pool Difficulty so that you get the optimum performance out of your miner.   The P2Pool software will adjust your miner's share difficulty while it mines. However, if you have a fast miner … [Read more...]