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Miami Node – All Clear

We have received the following list of notices from our VPS provider over … [Read More...]

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Severe Weather – Miami Node Relocation

Our Miami data center provider has issued the following alerts; Florida … [Read More...]

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Severe Weather Update – Miami Node

As you may be aware, Florida is under hurricane and tropical storm warnings today September 7th through at least September 11th 2017. The Miami datacenter field operations team regularly performs generator … [Read More...]

DASH Mining World Changing

Remember the days when you could mine DASH with your CPU/GPU and receive reasonable daily payouts? Remember when DASH (aka DarkCoin) was considered to be ASIC Resistant? Those days are dead and … [Read More...]

NODE Updates – P2Pool Optimizations

Lately, we are seeing more and more miners upgrading their mining hardware to take advantage of the larger ASIC machines and mining hash rates. We think this is a great move and one we want to ensure our P2PoolMining … [Read More...]