DASH v19.0.0 Upgrade

Major Release – DASH v19.0.0

All P2PoolMining.Us DASH nodes have been upgraded to DASH v19.0.0

DASH 19.0.0

DASH 19.0.0

DashCore v19.0 is a major release and will be a mandatory upgrade for all master nodes, miners, and users. Version 19.0 introduces a number of features and improvements to Dash, including the BLS scheme migration, high-performance masternode implementation, wallet improvements, and numerous enhancements through Bitcoin backports. Below are a few key highlights of this release. Comprehensive details will be found in the release notes.

Release Highlights

  • High-Performance Masternodes
  • BLS Scheme Migration
  • Wallet Improvements
  • CoinJoin Updates
  • Reject Message Removal (BIP61)
  • Remote Procedure Call (RPC) Changes
  • Command-Line Options
  • Bitcoin Backports

Visit the Updated DASH Product Brief to learn all the details about this release.

Integration Partner Notes

DashCore v19.0 is a mandatory update due to updates to the masternode system and changes to the BLS scheme related to signature and public key serialization. Once the release is available in the coming days, all integration partners should immediately review the Release Notes to become familiar with the details of the release and begin the update process.

In addition to the hard fork which will occur with v19.0, there are important fixes and optimizations which will not be backported to v18.0. It is important to verify compatibility with particular attention to 1) changes to RPCs, 2) command-line options, and 3) Bitcoin backports.

All P2PoolMining.Us Nodes Updated

As always, we actively monitor the DASH Forums for announcements of this type so that we can provide you with the best service with our DASH P2pool nodes.

All P2Pool nodes operated by P2PoolMining.Us have been upgraded and are currently running the latest DASH daemon. The latest DASH software is on the DASH Downloads page here.

If you experience any issues with this latest release please let us know.

We appreciate your continued support!

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