Node Improvements (DASH 12.1)

We have been busy working behind the scenes to enhance the performance of our P2Pool Mining Nodes for DASH. In addition, to ensure we provide the best availability of P2Pool Mining, we have instituted a full set of “Monitoring” software to ensure a 99.9% up time guarantee for your miner.

As most of you may be aware, DASH ( is set to launch a new release of their software (Version 12.1). The launch date for this release is slated for February 5th, 2017 at the time of this writing. With this release comes an enhanced DASH core which includes;

  • Introduction of Sentinel – DASH's large-scale decentralized programmable database solution, which is going to allow the DASH team to move radically faster than any other organization in cryptocurrency.
  • Evolution – a system that will let people signup to Dash, connect with friends, connect with merchants and buy products and services online with options to refund or pay recurring subscriptions, using just a web browser, without going through any intermediary service or having to integrate their own full node.
  • Network Upgrades – Enforcement will be turned off for this network upgrade, meaning nodes running the old version of the Dash software (12.0) will quickly stop being paid (contingent on miners upgrading). That means masternode rewards will be shared among a much smaller pool of upgraded nodes. Ensuring a strong incentive to upgrade quickly; it will be very lucrative to upgrade your masternodes as quickly as possible.

Learn more about DASH Evolution by watching this video or visiting the Evolution Web Page.

Here at P2PoolMining.Us, we are working to ensure our architecture is state of the art, our SLA is above 99.9%, and our P2Pool Software is updated with the latest enhancements… All of this is in the works and we expect to be ready for the 12.1 DASH and the Evolution release when it is available.

We appreciate your patronage of our P2Pool Nodes and look forward to providing you with the most profitable mining experience available.


  1. when are you updating the pools to 12.1?


  1. […] a lot of NEW features that are preliminary foundation structures for EVOLUTION. Read our article “Node Improvements” which includes a summary of what Evolution […]

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