DASH Mining World Changing

Remember the days when you could mine DASH with your CPU/GPU and receive reasonable daily payouts?

Remember when DASH (aka DarkCoin) was considered to be ASIC Resistant?

Those days are dead and gone…

iBeLink DM11/22G

Dash Mining at 11 or 22 Gh/s is coming!

IBELink has recently announced the delivery of ASIC Miners that will dwarf the hash rates of anything currently on the market today.

Starting this month, iBeLink will begin shipping the iBeLink DM11G with a rated hash rate of 11 Gh/s!

But wait… There's more!


Beginning in October, iBeLink will start shipping the iBeLink DM22G with a rated hash rate of 22Gh/s!

We know what you are thinking… These are typos, right?

No… These are not typos… 22Gh/s is what iBeLink is touting from their website. In fact, here are the specs on the DM22G right from the iBeLink website;

iBeLink DM22G Specifications

Hash Rate: 22 GH/s ±5% X11 Hash Function
Power Consumption: 810 W (at the wall, with 25°C ambient temp)
Power Efficiency: 0.037 J/MH (at the wall, with 25°C ambient temp)
Number of TNB0303 chips per unit:216
Operating Temperature: 0° C to 40° C
Network Connection: Ethernet
Power Supply: 110V to 240V, 50Hz/60Hz
Dimensions: 490 mm(L) * 350 mm(W) * 180 mm(H)
Weight: 19 kg (with packing materials)

As you can see from the specifications… This machine is going to be a powerful miner for DASH miners that are serious about their mining business.

Future of DASH Mining

Dash Difficulty 08/2017

Drastic rise in DASH difficulty due to faster ASIC machines.

Once these machines start to flood the market we are going to see an astronomical increase in the difficulty of mining DASH.

Similar to what we saw back in 2015 when ASIC's first hit the market for DASH mining.

If we just look at what happened to the market in the last 4 months, you can see the exponential rise in DASH's mining difficulty.

DASH Hash Rate Increase

Hash Rate increase for the DASH network.

This increase reflects the rise in the available hash rates being dedicated to DASH mining.

Just recently, we saw a spike in the hash rates of over 65 Th/s for DASH…

It was a brief spike, but we believe this was due to testing of these new iBeLink ASIC machines.


We are trying to get our hands on one of these iBeLink Miners so that we can test them with our P2Pool nodes and ensure that we are ready for the increase in mining hash rates. So far, we have not been very successful in our efforts.

Therefore, we will pay a share of a bounty of 1 DASH to any miner that receives one of the early shipments of these machines and mines on our P2Pool nodes for a specified amount of time. If you have one of these machines on order, and you are interested in the bounty, please comment below and we can provide you with the details.


The Bounty period for this program has closed!

Existing participants in this 1 DASH bounty will be paid once they have met the obligation as outlined in our email sent to each participant.


  1. I have an IbeLink DM11G and am currently mining on your Los Angeles node. How would I best contact you?

    • My stats show steady on the pool but my return rate seems off. I have been running over 13 hours and only have 0.078 dash as a total payout, that is less than 1/2 what I thought I would get based on a few calculators I use and I used my avg hashrate and the system difficulty.

    • P2PoolMining says

      We have sent you an email!

    • Hello Jake please can you tell me how did you connect your ibelink to the pool i have here 10 ibelink machines 1 x 11 gh/s en 9 x 22 gh/s i like to connect them to the best Dash pool but do not no how to do it!

  2. I have a few of the 11G’s

  3. P2PoolMining says

    P2Pool uses the PPLNS (pay per last n shares) payout system. It takes a while for your payouts to begin with PPLNS but once they start showing up then you should see you payouts increase over time.

    Likewise, when you stop mining on P2Pool you will continue to recieve payouts for a period of time while the shares that you earned while mining are still in the sharechain to be paid.

    Hope this helps clarify.

    • Thank you, I now see my hash rate average trending upward. It looks like after 48 hours or so it will level off. Thanks for the quick response!

  4. Hi, i have it, how to get my reward and point to your pool?

  5. I have a few of the 11G’s

  6. Please send me email!

  7. good day, i have a few questions :

    Mainly, I have 20 x Antminer D3 (X11) miners on order, total combined hash rate of +-300GH ~ will these work on your network?

    I also would like to know about payouts and account setup etc

    I would like to find a reliable pool to point these miners to.

    Please would you get in touch with me by email listed below.

    Many thanks!

    • P2PoolMining says

      In response to your questions…

      Let me start out by stating that our P2Pool nodes have been running continuously since 2014. We take great pride in monitoring our nodes to ensure that our P2Pool nodes have an uptime of 99.9% for our miners. Your D3’s should have no problem using P2Pool for mining.

      Be certain to choose the mining pool that is closest to you with the lowest ping times. You can get the list of pools, their locations, and monitor their ping times to you via our blog @ https://www.p2poolmining.us/mining-pools/

      Mining on P2Pool is different from other pools as there is no need to “create an account”. You just pick the pool of your choice and point your miner to the pool using your wallet address as the userid. We have instructions for connecting in the web pages of each of our pools.

      P2Pool uses PPLNS (pay per last n shares) with a share chain of 8640 shares… Each time a block is found you are rewarded for those shares you participated in mining and payouts are immediately sent to your miner’s address. With PPLNS it will take about 1.5 days for your payouts to reach their maximum amount, likewise, when you stop mining on p2pool you will continue to see payouts generated to your address for several days.

      Hope these answers give you the information you are looking for.

      BTW – we sent you an email too.

  8. From us in the pool now mining with 4 DM11

  9. I have a DM11 and I am mining on one of your nodes it appears is in Europe. I am hoping to find a closer one to me. Canada

  10. Is the bounty program still running and can I join in? I have a DM11G.

  11. I have a DM11 too do i get an email?

  12. Curtis Hansler says

    Is the bounty still on? I have a DM11G and have mined the pool briefly. How long of a period would you like us to mine?

  13. I’ve been mining on p2pool with my DM11s since August, can you let me know about the bounty? Also I just got colocated and am thinking about setting up a node…. Shoot me an email!

  14. I started mining with my pair of DM11G’s on Thursday and Friday last week. I love your Pool, the UI is great and very easy to use. I’d like more information on the bounty and would love to take part.


  15. Just started mining with my DM11G today and adding another one tomorrow. Easy to use pool.Is the bounty still on?

  16. We will get 40 ibelink 22 GH/s soon end oktober how to connect to your pool ?

    • P2PoolMining says

      On the homepage of each of our pools we provide information for connecting to our pools.

      There is no need to create an account to mine on our pools. Just point your miner to one of our pools, use your DASH wallet address for your userid, and leave the password blank.

      If you need assistance with the setup let us know!

      • How to connect my Ibelink to108 Gh/s and 22 Gh/s to your Dashpool i am located in the Netherlands

        Stratum Adres?
        Where best to make a Dash wallet?
        Can you help me please my e-mail:

  17. i have an order of Antminer D3 (X11) miners on the way. could you please help to prepare for set up (i am a new miner)?

  18. P2PoolMining says

    The Bounty for IBELINK Miner’s has closed…

    We appreciate everyone that participated in the bounty search.

    Those miners that received an email from us, will receive their share of the bounty once their obligation outlined in the email are met.

    Thanks Everyone!

  19. I have a D3 mining on one of the P2P nodes. I cannot seem to get the rejects down though. About 250 to 350 mh/s gets lost and rising. Do you have any settings I should try with it beyond the basics?

  20. I’ve just ordered an antminer d3, I’m a new miner, could you please help me prepare for set up?


    I there, I’m looking to connect nearly 425GHs to your pool. Is there anything i would need to know to set them up to work together more efficiently? Email me 🙂

  22. Dirk de Bruyn says

    Hi there, I have the PinIdea DR100 Pro and am running it from Mauritius. I am looking to start a pool here since I have been struggling to find one that is close and has decent ping time. I don’t have any experience in this regard though. Please could you help?! I will be getting another 6 Antminer D3’s at the end of November too and would like to have them all linked into the same pool. Is it possible to do this for solo mining? YOur help would be greatly appreciated.

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