A Step Towards Evolution

It may seem to many that our crew at P2PoolMining.Us have been taking a vacation… However, that couldn't be further from the truth.

Over the past few weeks, we have been working on the latest updates to P2Pool to support the next phase of DASH working towards Evolution.

DASH 12.2 is currently in TESTNET undergoing testing for release in the coming weeks. In order to release this version of DASH, there are a lot of other software applications that need to be updated and tested to ensure there are no issues with the DASH 12.2 release. P2Pool is one of those applications which require changes and testing to support the coming release.

DASH 12.2 is the next step to EVOLUTION.

Watch the DASH Evolution video above and you will soon realize where DASH is going…

As a step towards the goal of Evolution, we are working closely with the developers of DASH Core to ensure the P2Pool Mining Pools, operated by P2PoolMining.Us and independent individuals around the world, function as expected with DASH 12.2.

Evolution is coming and P2PoolMining is excited to be supporting the move!!!

Watch for the upcoming release… We will announce it here on our blog when it goes LIVE.

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