CPU Mining for 2ACoin ARMS “Made Easy”

If you have been looking for an easy way to off-set the down crypto-currency market…
Look No Further!

A while back we introduced our followers to 2ACoin (ARMS) and how mining with your CPU and GPU's could be fun and affordable, once again.
(Read these two articles “Dust off the GPU Rigs” & “2ACoin ARMS Mining” for more information”)

Introducing the P2PoolMining Web Miner

In this post we want to introduce our users to the P2PoolMining.Us Web Miner for mining 2ACoin (ARMS) using nothing but your CPU.

P2PoolMining Web Miner

Mine 2ACoin ARMS with nothing more than your CPU

First, we want to thank the developers of 2ACoin for making this crypto-currency ASIC Resistant which enables anyone to mine 2ACoin with just a CPU or a GPU Mining rig.

Getting Started

Let's jump right into the steps needed to start mining 2ACoin with your CPU;

  1. You'll need to get a 2ACoin wallet for your mined ARMS to be held in.
    Fortunately, this is an easy process that can be accomplished using the 2ACoin Paper Wallet Generator located here
    (Follow the steps on that page to generate and save your wallet information)
  2. Now that you have an ARMS (guns…) wallet address go to our Web Miner located here
  3. On the Web Miner page – (skip entering the Worker Name, we will come back to this later)
    Enter your Wallet Address (obtained in step 1) into the wallet  address input field
  4. Press the Start Button
  5. You're now mining 2ACoin and the ARMS you mine will be deposited into your wallet

Now wasn't that Easy?

This whole process shouldn't take more than a couple of minutes, at which point, you are mining 2ACoin ARMS with your computers CPU.

Advanced Features

Now let's cover some of the advanced features of our Web Miner.

Adjusting Threads

You will notice that the Web Miner has the ability to adjust the threads you are mining with. Threads are synonymous with CPU Cores, therefore, the number of threads you see listed is related to the number of CPU cores your system has.

By default, the Web Miner will use all available CPU Cores your system has for mining. This is not a bad thing, because you will want to get as many hashes as possible out of your CPU. Hashes equate to ARMS. So the more hashes you have,  the more ARMS you will receive.

You can use the +/- signs to adjust the threads used by the web miner on your machine. As you make adjustments you'll notice that the Graph Display will change as related to the Hashes your system is producing.

NOTE – Using all threads (CPU Cores) available on your system for mining may make your machine run sluggishly. If you need your machine for some other use, consider reducing the number of threads for mining to allow the other processes to have sufficient resources.

Monitoring Your Web Miner

The web miner interface has some basic monitoring capability. As you can see the web miner provides you with the Hashes per second, Total Hashes and Accepted Shares. In addition, the web miner graphs your Hashes per second over time for a nice visual display of your mining performance.

But what if you want more information?
What if you have multiple miner's that you want to be able to monitor all at the same time from one single interface?

For tracking your miner's performance you can go to our 2ACoin Pool and see the results of your miner and it's performance over time.

Simply go to https://arms01.p2poolmining.us and select the Worker Statistics from the menu list on the left side of the page. Now enter the guns…. wallet address you have assigned to your web miner and you should see the stats for your web miner display on that page. (see below)

If you have multiple web miner's running then continue reading the next section on Worker Names.

Worker Names

The purpose of Worker Names is to make it possible for you to monitor multiple web miners from one location.  (see below)

Worker Statistics

Worker Names enable the display of individual worker statistics.


Setup Individual Stats by Worker

Here is how to setup and display stats for multiple web miner's

  1. Setup all of your machines with Web Miner so they are mining to the same wallet address (guns… address)
  2. Set a unique Worker Name for each Web Miner you have running
  3. Go to https://arms01.p2poolmining.us select Worker Statistics from the menu option
  4. Enter the wallet address (guns…) you assigned to all of your web miners
  5. The page should now refresh and show you your individual Web Miner Statistics in the Workers Statistics section on the page.

You can see an example in the above image where we have 2 Workers (CPU and rig1) running… and that's all their is to it!


In this post we introduced you to our new Web Miner which is designed to allow you to mine 2ACoin ARMS with nothing more than your computer's CPU.  If you already have a computer, and internet access, then you have everything you need to begin mining today!

We hope you enjoyed this post and we encourage you to leave your comments and suggestions below.

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