Dash Version 12.0.58

Dash Version 12.0.58

Dash Version 12.0.58

We have recently completed the upgrade of all P2PoolMining.Us pools to Dash Core version

This release was made available on the Dash.org website on June 9th, 2016, however, we wanted to hold off to ensure the release was stable before applying the changes to our Dash pools. This is the first release that we felt compelled to upgrade to since version 12.0.55 came out back in October 2015.

In addition to the Dash Core upgrade, we have been working on upgrading all of the servers that we use to support our Dash P2Pool pools with additional CPU/Memory resources. These upgrades will ensure that our pools are capable of handling the greater processing capacities that are required of the latest ASIC X11 machines.

About P2PoolMining.Us

P2PoolMining.Us has been running Dash P2Pool nodes since December 2014. We operate the longest running P2Pool nodes for the Dash network in North America and include nodes in geographically disbursed locations to support all of our P2Pool miners regardless of your location. In addition, we own and operate one of the only “real time” P2Pool Node Lists for all Dash P2Pool nodes in the world.

Support the Dash network and the concept of decentralized mining by pointing your Dash miners to one of our pools today.

As always, leave your comments and feedback on how we can improve our mining pools.

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