Enhanced Locations Mapping

We've been working very quietly behind the scenes to enhance the features and functionality of our DASH P2Pool Node listings.

More Accurate Node LocationsYou may have noticed recently, that  the “Locations” of each of the nodes has become more robust and now more accurately display the nodes Actual Location. We implemented some new GEO Mapping functions into our P2Pool Node Listing that now provides us with greater pin point detail and better mapping functionality.

In the past, the node listing would intermittently provide less than desirable GEO Mapping. And in many cases, would not provide any mapping details or Location information at all. Our new mapping routines should resolve any of those issues that we had in the past.

Give it a try! See if your P2Pool node is listed with its actual location and provides us with your feedback and comments.

Help us improve the DASH P2Pool Node listing.

If you have any ideas about how we can improve upon our P2Pool Node Listing we'd love to hear them!

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