Miami Node – All Clear

We have received the following list of notices from our VPS provider over the past several days;

  • 09/12/17 4:47 am UTC

    Datacenter has switched back to utility power from generator power. All systems are now operating normally.

  • 09/11/17 9:49 pm UTC

    Datacenter Update:
    Utility power has stabilized and field ops will begin transferring the site from emergency mode to normal mode. We will provide an update once completed.

  • 09/11/17 2:41 pm UTC

    Datacenter Update:
    Field operations team is preparing to transfer load back to the power grid and is confirming with the utility provider that the feeds are stable before proceeding. There is ample fuel on site and additional fuel deliveries are due to arrive later today.

After waiting for an additional 24 hours to ensure everything is stabilized… We now feel it is safe to switch our Miami P2Pool Node back to the Miami data center.

We have initiated the transition back to the Miami data center via DNS updates. This transition should be seamless to our miners on the Miami Node and should be completed once the DNS changes are propagated through the internet.

Thanks for your cooperation!
P2PoolMining.Us Team

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