New Address Explorer

We recently completed an upgrade to all of our DASH P2Pool nodes for our DASH Miner Address Explorer.

cryptoID Address Explorer

New cryptoID Address Explorer integration for our P2PoolMining pools


Our new Address Explorer integrates the CryptoID Address Explorer into the Miner Address links on our P2Pool nodes. The address explorer is accessed from the miner address list by clicking on the Explorer Address link, for the desired miner address, as shown below;

Miner Address Explorer Link

Click the address explorer link next to the desired miner address.


If you remember with the old DASH Address Explorer links, if your address had more than 1000 entries then you're stats would not display. Instead, you would receive the message that your address had “Too Many Records”!

Too Many Records

Sorry! Address has too many records to display!


The cryptoID Address Explorer is a bit more sophisticated. By default, it will show you the last 100 transactions for your miner's address. Adjusting a few filters allows you to display more records or you can also export all of your address' records and import them into your favorite spreadsheet for further analysis.

We're excited to bring you this latest update and hope that this integration provides you with additional benefits.

Stay tuned… We have more updates coming out over the coming weeks!

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