New Comment System Added

We've recently revised our comment system, on our blog, to provide us with a mechanism to better engage our users and respond to their questions.

Disqus Comment System

New comment system added to P2PoolMining Blog

We reviewed the various blog commenting systems available, including the builtin WordPress comments, and after reviewing each of the various systems, we decided to go with the DISQUS Comment System.

The Disqus Commenting System provides an outsourced comment system which allows blog commentators to create an account on the Disqus website. This account comes with a dashboard for following your favorite sites, creating channels around your favorite topics, and tracking discussions with blogs you are following. With your Disqus account, you can then comment on any blog website, that has the Disqus comment system installed, without the need to create a new account on each blog that you wish to follow.

By implementing the Disqus commenting system, we hope to better engage our visitors, provide a platform for our visitors to easily follow discussions, and allow our own internal support team the ability to provide Top Tier support for your DASH mining needs.

Let us know what you think of our new commenting system!

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