P2Pool Node Scanner Enhancements

P2Pool Scanner Updates

We've enhanced the p2pool scanner to include a map of all dash pools

This will be a quick post just so that we can bring you up-to-date on the latest developments here at P2PoolMining.Us…

There has been a lot of activity on our P2Pool Node Scanner since we announced its release a few days ago.

And as we promised when we released this tool, we have been busy making enhancements and modifications to the tool to make it more valuable to Dash miners.

The latest release of the P2Pool Node Scanner includes integration with Google Maps!

By integrating the tool with Google maps you can now visually locate the closest P2Pool Node to your physical location. By clicking on the Map Markers for the node you'll be provided with additional details about that node making it easy for you to locate the node in the listing and view the details behind that P2Pool node.

Obviously, by integrating Google maps with our P2Pool Node Scanner we are also able to display the other geographic information (like Country, State,  and City) for each node.

We hope that you find this tool valuable and look forward to your comments and suggestions for further enhancements for this tool.


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