P2Pool Nodes Shutdown

Due to lack of interest we are shutting down additional P2PoolMining Nodes for DASH mining.

P2Pool Nodes Shutting Down

These nodes will be shutdown July 15th, 2019

Nodes Shutting Down

The following nodes will be shut down on July 15th, 2019;

  • dash02.p2poolmining.us – Seattle, Wash. Node
  • dash06.p2poolmining.us – Piscataway, NJ. Node

These two nodes have not attracted any miners for well over a month. Therefore, we have made the decision to shutdown these nodes at this time.

We believe that the lack of miners is due to the dip in the current altcoin currency markets. Once the dip is over, we may elect to start these pools back up.

You can always find our current list of mining pools for DASH here.

We wish to thank all the miners that participated in the success of these pools in the past.

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