Pools Updated (DASH 12.01.04)

Here’s just a quick post to let everyone know that we have completed the upgrade of all P2PoolMining.Us nodes to DASH version 12.01.04.

DASH Version 12.01.04

All pools have been updated to the latest DASH version.

The latest release of DASH is considered a maintenance release which does not contain any new features. However, it is suggested that everyone upgrade to this latest release as it does contain the following bug fixes;

Changelog: https://github.com/dashpay/dash/releases==================

  • fix docs (#1404)
  • fix unsafe vNodes access (#1403)
  • Fix mn list sync (#1401)
  • Translations201703 (#1384)
  • [depends] Fixing download path and sha256 hash (#1398)
  • bump libevent to 2.1.8 (stable) (#1397)
  • Fix alerts (#1326)
  • Disable salvagewallet in GUI (#1390)
  • replace legacy dnsseed (#1395)
  • Drop support for pre-12.1 nodes (#1394)
  • Overhaul of coin selection for mixing (#1364)
  • Node eviction fix (#1392)
  • implement importelectrumwallet (#1377)
  • [UI] Typo fixed (#1391)
  • Locking fix for UpdatePreferredDownload (#1389)
  • Fix deadlocks on cs_vSend in RequestGovernanceObject (#1387)
  • Periodicially request orphan objects (#1383)
  • Implemented utility functions for copying/releasing vNodes vector (#1382)

Additional information about this release, along with links to the DASH downloads for 12.01.04 can be found here – https://github.com/dashpay/dash/releases/tag/v0.12.1.4

As suggested by the DASH Core team, we have upgraded all of the P2PoolMining.Us DASH nodes to this latest release.

We encourage all miners to upgrade their DASH Wallets as soon as possible.

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