Severe Weather – Miami Node Relocation

Our Miami data center provider has issued the following alerts;

Florida remains under hurricane and tropical storm warnings through at least September 11th 2017.

The likelihood of an extended service interruption in the Miami region is growing. We strongly recommend that all account holders with deployments in Miami redeploy instances to another geographical region. Our support team can provide guidance and assistance where necessary.

To all account holders with active backup subscriptions in Miami: We have proactively begun cloning your most recent backup to another US geographical region and we reiterate our recommendation that you redeploy any active Miami instances elsewhere.

We reiterate our recommendations for all account holders with instances running anything you want to keep that is not backed up currently deployed in Miami to redeploy them to another non-Miami or Atlanta region and to ensure you have backups of any mission-critical data at all times.

To ensure continuity of our Miami node, we have heeded our data center's warnings and have begun the relocation of our Miami Node to our provider's Dallas data center location. This will be a temporary relocation of this node to ensure the continuity of the node and those miners utilizing it.

Once the Miami server migration is complete, we will perform adjustments in the node's DNS entry to redirect your miner to our new node location. There are no changes required for you to make to your miner's configuration. All miners utilizing this node should be transparently switched to the new node location.

Hurricane IRMA Forecast

Our Miami P2Pool node will temporarily relocate to Dallas due to the forecasted category 4 hurricane.

After Hurricane Irma passes through Miami, and our data center provider gives the all clear signal, we will transition our Miami Node back to the Miami data center.

We will keep you updated on the details of this transition.

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