US Based Traffic Restrictions

UPDATE – We are happy to announce that all country specific restrictions previously in place have been lifted. We once again welcome our international audience to P2PoolMining.US!

We are currently restricting ALL traffic to our P2PoolMining.US blog and P2Pool Node list to just U.S. Based traffic.

We have restricted traffic to our servers for U.S. based visitors only.

We have experienced a large percentage increase in International Traffic over the last few weeks. This increase in traffic has caused a spike in our servers and bandwidth requirements. In an effort to mitigate the impacts to our servers and visitors, until we can implement server upgrades and other fire-wall rules, we are restricting the traffic to our websites to U.S. Based users only.

We anticipate that this restriction will be in place for several days.

We will keep you posted on our progress and notify everyone once these restrictions are lifted.

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