All Pools Running DASH 12.1

We're excited to announce that all of the P2PoolMining.Us DASH pools are now running the latest DASH Version 12.01.00!

Dash Version 12.01.00

All Nodes Upgraded to DASH 12.01.00!

This was a huge upgrade of our P2Pool software along with the new DASH 12.01.00 Wallet Daemon.

Our upgrades included some improvements to the default P2Pool software, along with the improvements noted in the official DASH P2Pool GitHub Repository ( These improvements include customization's of the P2Pool platform for our P2Pool miner interface and graph reporting.

You can visit the DASH GitHub repository and checkout all of the improvements that went into this latest release of P2Pool.

The latest version of DASH Daemon provides a slew of new improvements including;

  • Based on bitcoin 0.12.1 with RBF off
  • PrivateSend multi-session mixing to speed mixing times
  • InstantSend multi-quorum
  • Entirely new object-oriented governance system Sentinel
  • Cleaner user interface with new theme
  • New tab for masternode information and management
  • Improved automatic backups on wallet launch
  • Automatic backups when keypool nears exhaustion
  • Approximately 10x faster wallet load speed
  • Numerous new or improved RPCs
  • Enhanced proof-of-service (PoSe) implementation
  • Additional (optional) indexes from Bitpays fork
  • Bug fixes and security improvements Other changes:
  • Lowered InstantSend & PrivateSend fees due to exchange rate increases
  • Changed PrivateSend denominations – 100s removed and 0.01s added
  • IPv4 is now manditory for masternodes
  • Default data directory changed to DashCore (Windows / Mac) & .dashcore (Linux)

Along with all of the improvements in DASH 12.01.00, there are a lot of NEW features that are preliminary foundation structures for EVOLUTION. Read our article “Node Improvements” which includes a summary of what Evolution is.

If you are mining DASH you need to upgrade your local wallet too. Because you will want to take full advantage of all of the new features it offers. For upgrade instructions visit the Official DASH.ORG, Dash V12.1 Release Page.

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