Dash 12.2.3 Update

We recently performed an update of all of the P2PoolMining.US p2pool nodes to the latest version of DASH. Prior to performing this upgrade we did extensive testing to ensure this latest version was compatible with P2Pool and resolved some of the issues we were seeing with 12.02.02. The latest version of DASH includes the following changes; InstantSend fixes Coin selection … [Read more...]

DASH 12.2 Update!

The DASH Core Team recently announced the release of DASH v 12.2.0! We are happy to say, all of our P2Pool Nodes have been recently upgraded to this latest version. With this release, DASH moves towards the next phase of DASH Evolution and this release is a big upgrade to the DASH Core application which includes the following bug fixes and enhancements; The most … [Read more...]

All Pools Running DASH 12.1

We're excited to announce that all of the P2PoolMining.Us DASH pools are now running the latest DASH Version 12.01.00! This was a huge upgrade of our P2Pool software along with the new DASH 12.01.00 Wallet Daemon. Our upgrades included some improvements to the default P2Pool software, along with the improvements noted in the official DASH P2Pool GitHub Repository … [Read more...]

All Pools Updated to Dash 11.02.22

We recently completed a major update to all of our P2Pool Nodes here at P2PoolMining.Us. The updates not only included an update for the DASH Core Wallet but we also did some significant updates to the p2pool node software that we run on all of our p2pool nodes. Dash Core Version 11.02.22 The latest release of the Dash Wallet software is version 11.02.22. In this release … [Read more...]