All Pools Updated to Dash 11.02.22

Dash Version 11.02.22

It's been smooth sailing with the latest release of Dash

We recently completed a major update to all of our P2Pool Nodes here at P2PoolMining.Us.

The updates not only included an update for the DASH Core Wallet but we also did some significant updates to the p2pool node software that we run on all of our p2pool nodes.

Dash Core Version 11.02.22

The latest release of the Dash Wallet software is version 11.02.22. In this release there are some major improvements in the overall processing performance of the wallet. As well as, a new modern interface for the first major release of this software under the Dash emblem.

It's mandatory for all users and masternode operators to update to this version, while mining pools are encouraged to update but are not required to.

Because of the significant performance improvements we have experienced, in our testing, with this new wallet version. We felt it would be a good idea to update all of our p2pool nodes with this latest release. We hope all of the miners utilizing our pool enjoy the latest performance benefits of this release. 

You can read up on all of the features and enhancements to this release on the website.

P2Pool Node Software Update

Behind the scenes we have been hard at work updating the software that we use to run our p2pool nodes. These updates include;

  • Update for latest PREFIX and IDENTIFIER version for DASH
  • More accurate PREDICTED PAYOUT calculation using masternode percentage payouts
  • Update the SCRIPT_ADDRESS_VERSION to be compatible with latest release
  • Hijack control of X11_HASH and DASH_SUBSIDY on GitHub
  • Hijack control of P2POOL-DASH on GitHub

We're excited to announce that we now have an up-to-date version of the DASH P2Pool Node software that we control on GitHub. In the past we have relied on other GitHub users to make changes and keep the p2pool software updated as bugs are found and enhancement requests are initiated. Unfortunately, relying on other individuals for these important changes was often frustrating due to delays of implementation. By taking control of the p2pool software that we utilize for our p2pool nodes we can now stay current with changes, fixes, and updates as needed.

We based our implementation of the p2pool node software of of the version that was maintained by Vertoe for the past year. Our Fork of the p2pool software went through some much needed cleanup and updates to make it compatible with the latest DASH release. We're not done with all of the updates that we would like to have in the software. However, our testing has shown that it's running very steady and was ready for production use.

We will continue to make updates and enhancements as needed. We will keep you updated via blog posts as new versions of our software become available and out p2pool nodes are updated accordingly.

Summary – Smooth Sailing

With all of the updates that we have undergone over the past week you would expect to have some issues crop up. But, it's been really smooth sailing for us on the latest release of the Dash Wallet (11.02.22) and our P2Pool-Dash Node software.

If you are mining with any of our P2PoolMining.Us p2pool nodes and experience any issues or have any questions don't hesitate to send us a message.


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