DASH Core 15.0.0 Upgrade

Major Release – DASH Core 15.0.0 Series All P2PoolMining.Us DASH nodes have been upgraded to DASH v15.0.0 Dash Core v0.15 introduces a number of improvements to Dash, including updates to the desktop wallet to improve the user experience, mempool improvements for syncing new nodes, improvements to PrivateSend to improve the mixing process, and a significant number of … [Read more...]

Scheduled Maintenance – Miami Node

We have two scheduled outages for the Miami node (DASH01) scheduled for the next several days. Our engineers will be applying updates/upgrades to our network as follows; First Event Event Type: Network Upgrade Start Time: 2019-12-04 05:00:00 UTC End Time: 2019-12-04 09:00:00 UTC The Miami network will be upgraded to provide network enhancements as part of ongoing … [Read more...]

P2Pool Nodes Shutdown

Due to lack of interest we are shutting down additional P2PoolMining Nodes for DASH mining. Nodes Shutting Down The following nodes will be shut down on July 15th, 2019; dash02.p2poolmining.us – Seattle, Wash. Node dash06.p2poolmining.us – Piscataway, NJ. Node These two nodes have not attracted any miners for well over a month. Therefore, we have made the … [Read more...]

DASH Core 14.0.1 Upgrade

Minor Release - DASH Core 14.0.x Series All P2PoolMining.Us DASH nodes have been upgraded to DASH v14.0.1 As noted from the DashPay Github Release Page, DASH V14.00.01 is a minor release of the DASH Core 0.14.0.x series. Notable Changes in this Release Fixed governance votes pruning for invalid masternodes - A community member reported a possible attack that involves … [Read more...]

Pools Running Outdated Software

P2Pool Nodes Running on Outdated Software It's unfortunate, but we are still seeing many pools in the DASH P2Pool network that are running outdated software. These pools, and the miners that are using them, are doing the rest of the P2Pool Network a dis-service reflected in low payouts due to wasted hash rates. If you look at the DASH P2Pool node listing ( … [Read more...]