Scheduled Maintenance – Miami Node

We have two scheduled outages for the Miami node (DASH01) scheduled for the next several days. Our engineers will be applying updates/upgrades to our network as follows; First Event Event Type: Network Upgrade Start Time: 2019-12-04 05:00:00 UTC End Time: 2019-12-04 09:00:00 UTC The Miami network will be upgraded to provide network enhancements as part of ongoing … [Read more...]

Dash 12.2.3 Update

We recently performed an update of all of the P2PoolMining.US p2pool nodes to the latest version of DASH. Prior to performing this upgrade we did extensive testing to ensure this latest version was compatible with P2Pool and resolved some of the issues we were seeing with 12.02.02. The latest version of DASH includes the following changes; InstantSend fixes Coin selection … [Read more...]

DASH Mining World Changing

Remember the days when you could mine DASH with your CPU/GPU and receive reasonable daily payouts? Remember when DASH (aka DarkCoin) was considered to be ASIC Resistant? Those days are dead and gone... IBELink has recently announced the delivery of ASIC Miners that will dwarf the hash rates of anything currently on the market today. Starting this month,¬†iBeLink … [Read more...]

Network Upgrades Complete

We have been very busy this past week performing Network, OS, and Application software upgrades on all of our P2Pool Nodes. Our goal is to ensure the BEST performance from our P2Pool nodes for our DASH miners. Although, none of these upgrades were critical updates, we decided to take these preventative steps to ensure our networks availability and performance. We … [Read more...]

Node Improvements (DASH 12.1)

We have been busy working behind the scenes to enhance the performance of our P2Pool Mining Nodes for DASH. In addition, to ensure we provide the best availability of P2Pool Mining, we have instituted a full set of "Monitoring" software to ensure a 99.9% up time guarantee for your miner. As most of you may be aware, DASH ( is set to launch a new release of their … [Read more...]