Darkcoin Price Rally

Darkcoin Price Rally

Darkcoin Price has rallied more than a 52% in part due to the release of InstantX

Unless you have been following Darkcoin for a while, and you already had a significant investment into this crypto currency, you probably were sleeping when this rally occurred!

Overnight the price of Darkcoin rallied from $2.50 to over $3.50 per share. Since then it has settled into a comfortable range of around $3.25  a 52% increase in price at the time of this article.

I believe the rally is related to the latest release of Darkcoin Core version 11.01.19 which includes the latest feature called InstantX.

InstantX is the crypto-currency feature that allows the fast confirmation of crypto-currency transactions. Transactions using InstantX are completed and confirmed in 10 seconds or less. These confirmations are blazingly fast compared to the more than 10 minute confirmations time span for Bitcoin!

Darkcoin is one of the most advanced crypto-currencies available today with an active development community and frequent releases of new features and functionality. Features such as Darksend and InstantX have propelled Darkcoin to the 5th largest crypto currency (based on market cap) in just a few short weeks.

Darkcoin uses the X11 algorithm which provides a very secure currency as well as providing ASIC immune capabilities. What does this mean, Darkcoin can still be mined using CPU and GPU mining gear!

As always, P2PoolMining.Us has upgraded all of our P2Pool nodes to the latest release of Darkcoin Core version 11.01.19 to support all the latest features of this amazing crypto currency.

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