Darkcoin Price Rally

Unless you have been following Darkcoin for a while, and you already had a significant investment into this crypto currency, you probably were sleeping when this rally occurred! Overnight the price of Darkcoin rallied from $2.50 to over $3.50 per share. Since then it has settled into a comfortable range of around $3.25  a 52% increase in price at the time of this … [Read more...]

Darkcoin Core Version 11.00.13

The Darkcoin development team has been hard at work again... This time the results are a completely revised version of Darkcoin running on the latest Bitcoin version 0.9.3 core client. This release improves on speed and reliability of the Darkcoin network. The latest Darkcoin Core version 11.00.13 has been applied to all of the P2Poolmining.Us p2pools so miners on our … [Read more...]

Darkcoin Team Releases Major Update

The developers over in the Darkcoin camp released a major update this week. Dubbed Darkcoin "Core" this latest release corrects a host of issue that were identified in earlier releases as well as offering some new enhancements to the Darkcoin crypto currency. The latest release includes; Darkcoin Core: Fork from Bitcoin 0.9.3 taking advantage of nearly 2 years of … [Read more...]

We’re Live in Chicago!

We're excited to announce the launch of our 3rd P2Pool Mining Node for our friends up North in Chicago! Anyone mining crypto currency these days knows that proximity of you miner to your mining pool helps to reduce rejected shares and improve mining efficiency. So, we looked at the demographics of the Darkcoin miner and determined that we should provide a Chicago based … [Read more...]