Darkcoin Rebranding

Those of you that have been watching the DarkCoinTalk threads may have seen the recent announcement by Evan Duffield about the re-branding of Darkcoin. It seems that the name Darkcoin, in the opinion of market analysts, was the cause of the coins lack of acceptance. Hence, the team at Darkcoin felt it would be best to rebrand the cryptocurrency.

Darkcoin is on it's way out… In comes Dash  (ticker symbol DASH)!


DASH – Is the new name for Darkcoin. The rebranding is expected to increase interest in the crytocurrency.




The re-branding of Dash was official on March 25th. On that date the Dash Team released a new re-branded version of the cryptocurrency's wallet. Although there are no differences in functionality from the previous wallet version other than the re-branding of images and textual content. The team at Dash are working on a new release dubbed Dash Version 11.2.x which is in testing and will be released later.

Along with the re-branding of the Dash wallet. The team is also aggressively working on the complete re-branding of the cryptocurrency's website and discussion forum. The website is changing from www.darkcoin.io to www.DashPay.io which at the time of this article still has some broken links and missing content. But remember the re-branding is a work in progress. The discussion forum formerly accessed via the domain DarkCointTalk.org is being redirected and re-branded to www.DashTalk.org also.

If you go to the official Dash website (www.DashPay.io) you can see the press release that Evan made announcing the rebranding of Darkcoin to Dash.

Rumor has it that the team was looking to acquire the domain name Dash.Com, but the current owners of the domain would not release it. Therefore, the team decided to go with DashPay domain as the home for the re-branded Dash crypto currency.

DashPay is actually a great choice for the DASH website if you think about it. If you want to promote the currency to merchants and get them interested in the Dash currency. Then DashPay seems like a good choice for the website name! I suspect that they may utilize the DashPay term more and more in future media and promotional material.

The re-branding effort of DarkCoin to Dash is a massive effort considering all of the coverage from the media and related websites. So it is going to take some time to phase out the Darkcoin label for Dash. Considering all of the crypto currency exchanges, pools, and related information websites across the internet that's a lot of places to convert to the Dash and DashPay brand.

In case your wondering why they chose Dash as the new coin name. Dash is an acronym for “Digital Cash”DASH

Due to the re-branding of Darkcoin to Dash, a lot of websites around the world are aggressively making updates too. Including us here at P2PoolMining.Us!

The past week we have been updating our p2pool nodes to reflect the new logo as well as creating new subdomain names for the DASH nodes.

New Logo on P2Pool Nodes



Most of the re-branding we're doing has all been cosmetic, switching over to the use of Dash or DashPay in website and p2pool node content. Only changes to images, logo's, and content have been changed thus far. However, behind the scenes we are hard at work modifying p2pool code, scripts, and software to implement the new currency. Simple things like ticker symbols (DRK vs DASH) along with major changes for future masternode payout structures are underway.

All in all, we think the changes will be worth the work. However, only time will tell if the analyst feel that the changes are for the good. But if recent price swings on the exhanges for Dark (DASH) are any indication then it looks like the re-branding may be a hit for the Dash Team!


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