Promoting Dash and P2Pool

We're constantly striving to promote DASH and the distributed mining concept of P2Pool. In that effort, we are happy to announce that we recently contributed to the development and furtherance of the P2Pool software for Dash by Forking and Merging updates to the well known Dash P2Pool software maintained by Vertoe on GitHub. Dubbed the "Official DarkCoin (DASH) P2Pool … [Read more...]

Darkcoin Rebranding

Those of you that have been watching the DarkCoinTalk threads may have seen the recent announcement by Evan Duffield about the re-branding of Darkcoin. It seems that the name Darkcoin, in the opinion of market analysts, was the cause of the coins lack of acceptance. Hence, the team at Darkcoin felt it would be best to rebrand the cryptocurrency. Darkcoin is on it's way … [Read more...]