Darkcoin Team Releases Major Update


All P2PoolMining.us P2Pools are running Darkcoin Core Version 11.00.07 now!

The developers over in the Darkcoin camp released a major update this week.

Dubbed Darkcoin “Core” this latest release corrects a host of issue that were identified in earlier releases as well as offering some new enhancements to the Darkcoin crypto currency.

The latest release includes;

Darkcoin Core:

  • Fork from Bitcoin 0.9.3 taking advantage of nearly 2 years of development to the Bitcoin core client
  • Rebrand to Darkcoin Core
  • Version bumped to 0.11 to indicate a new major release
  • Renamed client to identify with network from Satoshi to Core
  • Bumped protocol version to 70052
  • Changed p2sh-address versions to start with 7 (instead of 3, this affects public keys only, old scripts remain valid and usable!)
  • Changed testnet address versions to start with x or y (instead of m or n, this affects public keys only, old wallets remain valid and usable!)
  • Defined BIP32 (HD) address versions to start with drkp/drkv (DRKP/DRKV for testnet)
  • Adapted BIP44 coin type 5 for Darkcoin (0x80000005) as defined in SLIP-0044
  • Added new units: duffs (1 / 100.000.000 DRK)
  • Added units for testnet: tDRK, mtDRK, utDRK, tduffs
  • Added new DNS seed from masternode.io
  • Fixed wallet locking after sending coins
  • Add -regtest mode, similar to testnet but private with instant block generation with setgenerate RPC.
  • Add separate darkcoin-cli client
  • Implemented KeyPass integration for CLI, RPC and Qt: keepass, keepassport, keepasskey, keepassid,keepassname


  • Improve support for start-many with multi masternode config
  • New masternode rpc commands: stop-many, start-alias, stop-alias, list-conf
  • Fixed possible masternode payments exploit
  • Better support for non-specific masternode payments
  • Added masternode support for regtest
  • Randomly sort masternodes before picking next winner
  • Show number of masternodes in debug window


  • Reduced lower darksend limit to 1.5 DRK
  • Fixed progress bar calculation for low amounts
  • Improved support for adding DRK after anon has completed
  • Added denomination information to Overview tab
  • Added more detailed Darksend status information to Overview tab
  • Added Darksend high precision matching engine
  • Added Darksend balance to getinfo
  • Changed maximum rounds of mixing to 16

The release of Darkcoin Core has been in the works for over 2 months now and has been a combined effort of the 10 individuals that make up the Darkcoin development team.

Our hats are off to the team for this accomplishment, in a time that all other crypto currencies have been taking a beating the team behind Darkcoin have been pushing through to enhance and improve their crypto currency based on the X11 algorithm.

We are announcing with this post that ALL of the P2PMining.US pools are now up and running the latest version (Version 11.00.07) of the Darkcoin Core daemon. It's our goal to ensure that for your Darkcoin mining we always provide you with the best distributed mining platform, running the latest software.

We recommend (in fact it is now mandatory) that you upgrade your Darkcoin Wallet(s) to the latest Darkcoin Core Version 11.00.07 from the Darkcoin.io website.

We welcome your comments and feedback!

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