DASH Breaks Petahash Barrier

We knew it was only a matter of time... With the recent rise in mining hash rates for DASH, it looks like the big mining farms have discovered DASH. The Total Hash Rate for DASH has just exceeded the PETAHASH barrier for the first time ever. This is a level of hashing that Bitcoin reached in 2013, as per Coindesk's Article titled Bitcoin mining difficulty soars as … [Read more...]

DASH Mining World Changing

Remember the days when you could mine DASH with your CPU/GPU and receive reasonable daily payouts? Remember when DASH (aka DarkCoin) was considered to be ASIC Resistant? Those days are dead and gone... IBELink has recently announced the delivery of ASIC Miners that will dwarf the hash rates of anything currently on the market today. Starting this month,¬†iBeLink … [Read more...]

Calculating Mining Profitability

So you have your eyes set on that cool new Baikal Mini Miner (ASIC ~150Mhs)... But you are wondering if you can justify the cost? After all, you want to get your "Return on your Investment" (ROI). Right? So, before you plop down your hard earned cash, you will want to do some homework to ensure that your mining effort will be able to pay for itself. And maybe, make a … [Read more...]