Minimal Difficulty

Minimal Pool Difficulty

How to adjust your Miners Minimal Pool Difficulty

Are you mining Dash with an ASIC miner? Or maybe you just purchased 100Mhs of mining power via NiceHash?

If so, then you want to read this article on how to adjust the Minimal Pool Difficulty so that you get the optimum performance out of your miner.


The P2Pool software will adjust your miner's share difficulty while it mines. However, if you have a fast miner then it is inefficient for it to mine lower difficulty shares. In this instance, you will want to adjust the Minimal Pool Difficulty, in your miner settings, to ensure that we never send your miner work below your minimal pool difficulty setting.

Here are our recommendations for Dash Mining with P2Pool;

Speed up to 1MHs: d=0.01;
Speed 1MHs-2MHs: d=0.02;
Speed 2MHs-4MHs: d=0.04;
Speed 4MHs-8MHs: d=0.08;
Speed 8MHs-16MHs: d=0.16;
Speed 16MHs-32MHs: d=0.32;
Speed 32MHs-64MHs: d=0.64;
Speed 64MHs-128MHs: d=1.28
Speed > 128MHs: d=2.56

Adjusting your Minimum Pool Difficulty is simply a matter of the following;

  1. Locate your Miners Speed in the chart above
  2. Enter the difficulty setting (d=?) into your miners address like the following;
    1. YourDashAddress+difficulty

Example – For a Baikal 150Mhs X11 miner you would set the following;

YourDashAddress +2.56

By entering a value for the minimal pool difficulty you will ensure that you get the best mining performance out of your miner with P2PoolMining's pools.

See our FAQ Page for additional details on this and other settings to improve your miners performance.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!


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