We’re Live in Chicago!

We're excited to announce the launch of our 3rd P2Pool Mining Node for our friends up North in Chicago!

Anyone mining crypto currency these days knows that proximity of you miner to your mining pool helps to reduce rejected shares and improve mining efficiency. So, we looked at the demographics of the Darkcoin miner and determined that we should provide a Chicago based P2Pool Node based on the large concentration of Central North American miners. Besides, the location works perfectly with our current Miami and Seattle based p2pool nodes for coverage for our customer base.

P2PoolMining Chicago P2Pool Node

Our latest darkcoin mining node on the p2pool network

Our Chicago based pool has been up and running for a few days now, and several miners have discovered it's availability, thanks to the folks at P2Pools.Org (see screenshot above from their site).  P2Pools.Org operates a website that lists all of the p2pool nodes for the various crypto currencies available for mining. If you visit their site be sure and let them know you heard about them from us!

If you are in the Central North American region and you are interested in trying out our latest P2Pool node then use the following connection information;

Node Address:    stratum+tcp://drk03.p2poolmining.us:7903
Username:           Your darkcoin wallet address
Password:            Any Password (ignored by pool)

The Chicago node is running our customized version of the P2Pool software so you have all of the great features and functionality that you get from our other two p2pool nodes located in Seattle and Miami. Our software features graphs for individual miner statistics which most of the other P2Pool nodes in the network are lacking.

Check out our new node today and be sure to give us feedback on your experience with P2PoolMining!

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