Baikal Miner Owners Wanted

Baikal Miner Quad-Cube

Baikal Miner Quad produces 1200 Mh/s of DASH mining power.

Do you own a Baikal Miner Quad Cube or Baikal Miner Cube?

We are looking for Baikal Miner Owners that want to participate in some performance boosting exercises to squeeze performance out of their miners with our P2Pool Nodes.

With the latest introduction of faster ASIC mining hardware we want to assist you in getting the best performance and highest profitability possible. As you may be aware, there are many options available for gaining performance improvements out of your miner when using our P2Pool nodes (See P2PoolMining FAQ's).

However, we get a lot of questions regarding which settings are the best for the performance of their Baikal Miner?

In an effort to provide quality information for our miners, when mining with P2Pool, we want to update our FAQ's and provide some real-world results for various settings and performance tweaks.

Baikal Miner - Cube

The Baikal Miner Cube is capable of 300 Mh/s ming speeds.

If you own one of these ASIC miners, and you would like to participate in our performance test, we would like to hear from you.

We will pay a bounty in DASH for all participants willing to assist us.

So if you, or anyone you know owns one of these miners, contact us as soon as possible to get started.

Let's make distributed mining for DASH better!

Participant Sign Up and Comments are closed for this study. Visit our community page for additional information.


  1. you should at least leave a contact address, if you are looking for pople to contact you 🙂

    • P2PoolMining says

      Sorry, we had some spam issues with the initial contact form. We de-activated the form for a while while we activated recaptcha.

      You should now be able to submit your data if interested.

  2. hey i have 2 of new baikal mini cube 300mh how can i participate in helping you with the performance test?

    • P2PoolMining says

      Just complete the form below the article. Once we receive your request to participate we will contact you within 24 hours.

  3. Sure

  4. I’d also like to participate to find out how to better use them as well!

    • P2PoolMining says

      Please fill out the form below the article. We will respond with additional information for you within 24 hours.


  5. Hi

    I’ve sent my details on the form, i have total 2 ghs of baikal power.. Mini, a900 and cubes.
    Please let me know asap.

    • P2PoolMining says

      Sorry, but I could not find a record of your submission. If you wouldn’t mind resubmitting your request we will add you to our performance study.


  6. Anderson says

    Just did again.

    • P2PoolMining says

      Got it!

      We’ll be in-touch shortly…

      • Anderson says

        Thanks. i’ve already set my miners to p2pool, waiting on further instructions. I’ve set with /+0.08, should i increase it? Also is it better to mine at node where people have less power than me or it doesn’t matter?

        • P2PoolMining says

          You should have received an email detailing the steps to participate in our research study. If you have not, then please check your spam folder, and complete the form again if you can not locate the email.

          The research is underway, we have participants actively mining with their Baikal Miners as we capture statistics about their miners performance. Obviously, this means that for a short period of time, we are asking all participants to mine on one of our P2PoolMining.Us nodes.

          The use of the /+0.08 might be effective, it just depends on what miner model you have and the speed that you are mining at.

          Other miners should have no impact on your miner’s performance as long as you have your miner configured properly.

  7. Anderson says

    Still didn’t get any reply from you guys.

    • P2PoolMining says

      Hang tight! We appreciate your patience…

      We received more interest than we were expecting… We are also in the midst of upgrading all of our nodes and implementing tighter security for our nodes and website.

      We will be in touch soon!

  8. I filled out the form yesterday and still waiting for a response. Is this test over?

    • P2PoolMining says

      No the test is not over… We’re just kicking it off today with those people that have submitted the above response form and replied to our email.

  9. Dylan Bennett says

    Just sent in the application! Hope I can help.

  10. Anderson says

    Good luck on trying to get an answer. I’ve been waiting for 4 days ..

    • P2PoolMining says

      We sent out emails yesterday to all registrants who have thus far submitted their information.

      If you did not receive an email from us, check your spam folder for the email or resubmit your information.


  11. I guessing I’m part of the “control” group at this time!

    • P2PoolMining says

      Not sure if we received you request to join the research study. Have you completed the above request form?


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