Dust Off The GPU Rigs

It's time to "Dust off those old GPU Rigs" and get them cranked up! Crypto Markets in Downward Spiral There is no better time to start thinking about the future than now... With the crypto markets in the dumps, we thought it might be a good idea to start re-evaluating what we are mining and begin to look to a brighter future in crypto. Looking back on our earlier … [Read more...]

Baikal Miner Owners Wanted

Do you own a Baikal Miner Quad Cube or Baikal Miner Cube? We are looking for Baikal Miner Owners that want to participate in some performance boosting exercises to squeeze performance out of their miners with our P2Pool Nodes. With the latest introduction of faster ASIC mining hardware we want to assist you in getting the best performance and highest profitability possible. … [Read more...]

DASH – New Jersey Node Now Available

Today, we are excited to announce that our new New Jersey, USA, P2PoolMining Node for DASH is now on-line! We’ve been working diligently the last few days, rolling out a new P2Pool Node, for DASH, for our East Coast users. Our new node (Dash06.P2PoolMining.Us), uses the same great interface as all of our Dash nodes, enabling miners to view and track their miner’s speed … [Read more...]

Climbing Network Difficulty

The DASH Network Difficulty continues to rise... And the small miners utilizing CPU and GPU machines are feeling the impact! Is it time to get out? Here is how we see it... DASH Network Difficulty Over the past few months, since the introduction of ASIC miners to the X11 algorithm, the DASH Network Difficulty has been on an exponential rise. This rise has resulted in a … [Read more...]

Calculating Mining Profitability

So you have your eyes set on that cool new Baikal Mini Miner (ASIC ~150Mhs)... But you are wondering if you can justify the cost? After all, you want to get your "Return on your Investment" (ROI). Right? So, before you plop down your hard earned cash, you will want to do some homework to ensure that your mining effort will be able to pay for itself. And maybe, make a … [Read more...]