Network Upgrades Complete

P2PoolMining.Us DASH Nodes

This is the current locations of our DASH p2pool nodes.

We have been very busy this past week performing Network, OS, and Application software upgrades on all of our P2Pool Nodes.

Our goal is to ensure the BEST performance from our P2Pool nodes for our DASH miners. Although, none of these upgrades were critical updates, we decided to take these preventative steps to ensure our networks availability and performance.

We appreciate your patience through these updates which included the following;

  • SSL Security Installation – Our website now sports a new feature which is geared towards ensuring your safety and security while visiting our blog. We implemented SSL on all of our blog's pages. We have tested all of the pages to ensure they are rendering properly and validated that our SSL Certificate is working as expected.
  • Network Upgrades – Our hosting provider has completed network upgrades on the network hardware in our Seattle, Miami, and Los Angeles P2Pool nodes. These upgrades required some minimal downtime which miners on these nodes may have noticed. These upgrades are complete so you should see better stability in these nodes now.
  • DNS Updates – We completed updates for DNS and implemented protection features against DDOS attacks. These updates should help ensure stability across all of our P2Pool nodes. In addition, we changed the DNS for our São Paulo, Brazil Node to accommodate future network expansion plans.
  • P2Pool Application Updates – we made some modifications in our P2Pool software that should ensure better performance from your miners while mining on our P2Pool nodes. In addition, we are working on further enhancements to your miner statistics which should assist you in getting better performance from your miner. Watch for these changes in the coming days.
  • Baikal Miner Performance – We've initiated a research study with our Baikal Miner owners to tweak the Baikal Miner performance when using our P2Pool nodes. Once our study is complete, we will post updated information to assist all Baikal owners with getting the best performance possible from their Baikal investment.
  • New Nodes Coming On-Line – We recently announced our new P2Pool Node in Piscataway, New Jersey. If you are in that geographic location we invite you to utilize this node to enhance your miners performance. We will be announcing other nodes in the coming weeks, watch for our announcements.

We are wrapping up all of the network upgrades and the stability of our network should improve. As always, we are making these changes to our systems to ensure that you have the BEST mining performance when mining DASH on our P2PoolMining.Us nodes.

We welcome your comments and feedback!

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