Climbing Network Difficulty

The DASH Network Difficulty continues to rise… And the small miners utilizing CPU and GPU machines are feeling the impact!

Escalating DASH Network Difficulty

The DASH Network Difficulty continues it's relentless climb!

Is it time to get out? Here is how we see it…

DASH Network Difficulty

Over the past few months, since the introduction of ASIC miners to the X11 algorithm, the DASH Network Difficulty has been on an exponential rise. This rise has resulted in a virtual “Squeezing Out” of the little guy's using CPU and GPU miners from the DASH mining market.

What was once heralded as ASIC immune protocol, the X11 algorithm has been programmed into a host of ASIC miners which now allow the bigger mining companies to capitalize on the X11 mining marketplace.

So what is an individual interested in mining DASH to do?

The way we see it, you have two options;

  1. If you can't beat them, then join them
  2. Get out while the going is good

Here's our take on these two options…

Buy an ASIC machine, and join the Fun

In our recent article on Calculating Mining Profitability, we discussed how you can calculate the viability of purchasing an ASIC miner and determining your break-even point or Return On Investment (ROI).

In our opinion, now is the time to make the decision to go ASIC!

Hard Earned Cash

Stop Wasting your Hard Earned Cash!

Each individual miner will have to crunch the numbers to make their own decisions.

Your decision will be based on the information that can be found in our P2Pool Dash Nodes.

If you can't justify the cost of an ASIC machine or you don't have the extra cash lying around to purchase a machine at this time…

Get Out, While the Going is Good

Stop wasting your electricity and get out of the mining business. Using a CPU or GPU to mine DASH, with the difficulty as high as it is , is a waste of your time and hard earned money.

Is it worth it?

We see a lot of miners, connecting to our P2Pool mining pools, running miners at a low mining rate in the KH/s range. The profitability for these miners, at the current Network Difficulty Rate, is so low that these miners will never be profitable.

Low KH/s Mining

What's the point?

For instance, take a look at the preceding image. The guy mining with a CPU at a rate of 48.85 KH/s won't even be able to get a share for over 111 days!

Also take a look at the guy mining with 2.75 MH/s, it will take him an estimated 1d 23h 40m 2s just to get a share and his predicted payout for that share is 0.00034402 DASH. At today's market rate of $9.47 per DASH, he will earn just over  3/10ths of a penny every two days!

Not much to take to the bank is it?

So do the math before you jump into DASH mining and do yourself a favor…. Go ASIC!

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