Promoting Dash and P2Pool

We're constantly striving to promote DASH and the distributed mining concept of P2Pool.

In that effort, we are happy to announce that we recently contributed to the development and furtherance of the P2Pool software for Dash by Forking and Merging updates to the well known Dash P2Pool software maintained by Vertoe on GitHub.

Dubbed the “Official DarkCoin (DASH) P2Pool Software Version”, the source code for this p2pool node software has been maintained by Vertoe (a well known member of and has been the software version used by all of our P2Pool nodes for the past year.

The latest release of DASH required modifications to the PREFIX and IDENTIFIER information for the mining software. Without these modifications the software would run fine but would never find and resolve any blocks.

We identified the needed changes and forked the P2Pool software on GitHub. With this fork we applied the required changes, tested the modifications,  and then ran our modified version for several days on our Seattle node. Once we were happy with the results of our testing we submitted a PULL Request to Vertoe to merge our changes back into the Official version.

Dash P2Pool Updates

Updated P2Pool Version for Dash maintained by OurLink (aka P2PoolMining.Us)

You can see all the updates for our modifications and our PULL request on GitHub here;

Currently, all of the P2PoolMining.Us DASH nodes are running this version of the p2pool software. In addition, we are running the latest wallet software for DASH which at the time of this writing is version 11.02.17.

We recommend, in fact it is mandatory, that you download the latest wallet software from the website.

We'll keep you updated on all the latest happenings with Dash and your p2pool mining with future information updates.


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